We are Maria and Irene, mom and daughter, skilful pastry chef and wanderer opera singer, actress and also acrobat and we welcome you in our home

The House

This house was built in 1700 and when our family arrived in Valle Bormida nearly 30 years agoit was love at first sight

We have lived here ever since, in a corner of the world which is kissed by the sun, and caressed by the breeze which creates the impression of sea waves outside the windows

We liked to share the peace of this place with others and so we decided to open our doors to hospitality

The house is ready to welcome you into a relaxed family atmousphere, all rooms are different, all areas are real and vibrant with life

Forget the formal atmousphere of hotels and immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside of Valle Bormida, very close to Acqui thermal baths

We will welcome you with open harms … we are waiting for you!